Friday, October 17, 2014

Ever-Abounding Energy :: Night Running with Humans

 I'm grateful. Running has been something, lately, I can do. My feet can move me places and fast enough speeds to hopefully physically exhaust myself.

The past few days, I've gotten wild shots of energy that make me (encourage me to) run around the house. Lots of it. It gets all bubbly and then I have to go (not to the bathroom).

The other day I took that energy and took it to run to B's house.

Another day, the energy didn't go away till late at night.

I woke up with it, cleaned the entire kitchen, and then started running around the house. Our house makes a loop in the lower layer so it was the perfect race track. After that, a friend came over and we walked 2.3 miles. 30 minutes after that, I left the home and walked up the steepest hill near me, 1.3 miles, to visit with L&D. There, I got to run around with Baby D.

I got home in the late evening, we watched a movie, and then I still had energy.

With a bit of convincing, I soon had with me, running in the rain at 10:45 at night, Luke, Daniel, and Alex. Our destination? The liquor store! 'cept we never went there. Well, we did, but we didn't need any

After our first few tenths of a mile, we came across a giant hill going downwards.

"Roll down it!" I declared.

Luke tried, but he tucked his hands down, so he didn't roll well.
I had a go and put my hands over my head and got some speed going.
It was raining and muddy and I had just thrown up apple pie onto the street. I don't recommend throwing up and then rolling down a steep hill in the rain.... or maybe I do.
Alex tried.
Daniel tried.

It was fun running with a crew of humans. It made me laugh and it felt really good. I generally run alone, but now I had company. It didn't feel like exercise. As Daniel commented, the next day, it felt like high school, running around town with your friends.

We took a detour through the cemetery, went down by Beach Road and ran by the fjord.
And then we made it to our destination.

Luke and Daniel each got a vitamin-water-thing and Daniel got some Good & Plenty and Shockers. We started running again and Alex was super keen on stopping. Normally I'd be a bit kinder, but back at home, he'd been making a bit of a fuss on how fit he was without encouragement.

We reached the bar and went in for a bit. Left. And then went back in. I saw my friend, N, there and she bought me a scotch so I stuck around for a bit longer until running home.

Back home, Nick, called and we talked for 46 minutes.
I met Nick back in April 2010. He's got five years on me and has been transitory since for quite a while. Our story-lines are totally different, but for the past year, have had similar flavors. Currently he's a nanny in LA.

Then, finally, I crashed.
Thank goodness.
Good night.

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