Friday, October 24, 2014

Introducing Asher :: Car #3

Despite only having had a license for eight months, yesterday I came into possession of my third car.

I'd like to introduce you guys to Asher.

Ain't he fine? He's on his final stretch. Apparently he spent last year dragging snowmachines up the highway in the snow and pulling a skiff out of the water while driving on wet sand. He is a beast.

I am truly, truly grateful for this car.
Asher was a gift and I'm blown away with the generosity of the humans who gave it to me.

This family already treats me like I'm a part of their family. I try to make it out to their house once a week to spend time with them. They've been a huge part of my Alaska-life since Fall 2012. Who knows how many meals they've fed me and how many hours we've spent together.

Anyways, they gave me this car. Their kids called it the Beater. It's a '91 Subaru Loyale and it is a legend.

These cars would like snowmachines (snowmobiles) when it snows, just riding up on top of the snow. Because of this, Subaru's from this time period are all around Haines. Folks know that they do well in this corner of the world.

Not only did they give it to me, they fixed it up before handing it over. There was one part that was off and C ordered the part and fixed it before giving it to me. Who does that? Crikey! They are so, so, so good to me. I feel so blessed. I don't feel like I deserve to have him.

When I'm done with Asher, I'm to pass him on.
He's also really old, on his last stretch, so he may conk out sooner than later. Hopefully later.

I think he handles great. He certainly gets me from A to B.

And what will those As and Bs likely be?

Well, I like to walk in Alaska and my feet get me just about everywhere I could want to go - but there are two specific households that are way out there that it'll be swell to be able to visit. Normally, the humans end up driving some 40 miles for me to visit them (over and back times two to pick me up and drop me off) -- now, that's reduced significantly to just one trip on my own time.

Also, sometimes the weather here is ultra, ultra crappy and it's dark and there are bears and... and.. I don't want to worry about bears at night. It's nice for that too.

And --- what about Tobbit, my truck down south?
He didn't come up north because it'd cost way more than I was comfortable spending. Asher is my Alaska car. Tobbit is my southern-truck. Simple.

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  1. Looks like a true Alaska car. How generous of the C family. Those bears are going to be grumbling a bit, however, because they'll have lost an opportunity for a snack some night.


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