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Keep This Till Thys Death - 2003

Age 15

Over a decade ago when I was 12, back when we shared everything by email, I filled out this quiz and sent it out to friends. I kept quizzes, like this, in a folder called, "Keep This Till Thys Death." Sounds pretty important, eh? It's now making it's way onto my blog.

Probably my favourite answer was this one:
-What is the best way to approach someone you love to ask them for a date? You are dumb, this is dumb, did I say that you are dumb.

NOTICE: 1. You may answer with multiple answers to any of these questions.
2. You do not have to complete this quiz all at one time. It is very long.
3. Copy and paste, don't forward.
4. Don't read and then write. Read as you write, because sacred things are at the bottom of this
quiz and if you read first you will be cursed for eternity.
-Name: Margaret H
-Age: 12 355/356
-Residence: K******, Wa
-School: K****** Jr. High
-Wearing: Blues tea shirt, jeans (shorts), white socks. I’m not telling you any more.
-Eating/Drinking: Nothing at all
-Listening To: Radio
-Thinking About: What is the point of this, homework.
-What You Want To Be When You Grow Up: Architect, mayor, tinkerbell.
-Goals: To be tinkerbell so I can fly!!!
-Zodiac Sign: Why do you care. (if you were wondering, I don’t know)
-Color: Lime and teal.
-Boy/Girl (as in, crush): NONE
-Friend: I can’t list them all, I have homework to do.
-Food: Bagel with cream cheese
-Food Group: FAT YUMMY
-Word: Tectonically
-Song: Why do you wanna know? I don’t.
-Quote: "Ora bora holea cheesea"
-Animal: Turtle
-Sport: Racket Ball (I’ve only played it once)
-Past President: What’s a president?
-Place: Tree Swing
-Country: Good question… the USA
-City: K******
-Plant: Heliotrope
-Movie: Peter Pan
-TV Show: Home Improvement
-Book: Good Night Mr. Tom
-Element (earth, air, fire, water): WATER (I can’t swim)
-Beatles song: I forget what it’s called.
-Are you vegetarian or not (explain) ? No ( I won’t explain to save my head)
-What is chubble, a trion, a dorking, and a lobcock (No, you are not considered an idiot if you don't know)? WHAT?
-What is your greatest phobia? Dirty socks that are size 83.928.
-Have you ever heard the song "Timothy" (Trapped in a mine that had caved in . . .)What is TIMOTHY?
Did you think it was a great song? I hate it.
-Do you think "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is a great song? YES, it is the best.
-Can you dance worth anything? Depends on the dance. I can dance worth trophies.
-Do you ever crank your music up super loud and sing along? Who doesn’t?
-Have you ever punched someone? My brother… yes.
-Who would be the top 3 people you would punch if given the chance? I don’t wanna punch anyone.
-Where would you prefer to go on your first/next date and with who? No date, no one, no how.
-How would you like to die? While sleeping about pretty ponies.
-How would you like to be remembered? As Me.
-What is the best way to approach someone you love to ask them for a date? You are dumb, this is dumb, did I say that you are dumb.
-Who do your friends think likes you? No one at all… thank goodness.
-Do you hear voices? Who doesn’t, hey, I hear my mom.
-Do you see dead people? I saw my dead aunt once.
-Do you not like "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"? YEAH!!!
-Do you like "Timothy"? It’s dumb.
-Have you not ever cranked up the volume on your CD player and sung along? Yup.
-If you were in Japan, would you not take a picture of one of their toilets which is basically a toilet in the ground? Of course, I would want everyone to know about my experience in Japan.
-And how does it make you FEEL? It makes me feel very smart.
-Do you think the person who wrote this quiz is crazy? It depends, how does it make you FEEL?
Now, make 10 wishes.
Now write down what they were.
  1. To have a pony.
  2. To be tinkerbell when I grow up.
  3. To have lots of money.
  4. For someone to reply to this e-mail.
  5. That Tamrin won’t move.
  6. That I won’t get any more questionnaires like this.
  7. For lots of presents.
  8. For an updated Encarta CD-ROM.
  9. To have one million and two nose flutes. (they are fun to play)
  10. To own a library.
Now, put a number and write down your name if you're for the prevention of cruelty of animals. DON'T PUT YOUR LAST NAME but put your state BUT NOT YOUR CITY (this is for your own security). Make sure the people you are sending this to are trustworthy people cause I am putting my email on this and I don't want to have to change it. When it reaches 300, send it to  ****@******.com, so I can be sure that there are others out there besides some of my best friends. Then I'm going to hopefully do something with it, like, send it to some government official or something. I don't know, I'll ask around.
1. Ari S.-Z., WA
2. Tami G, WA (GO VEG)
15. Maggie, WA
Now for the wishing:
If you were an odd number, your odd wishes will come true.
If you were an even number, your even wishes will come true.
None of the previous applies: If you were a number ending in 5, your first 5 wishes will come true.
If you were a number ending in 0, your last 5 wishes will come true.
None of this applies: If you were the last person, all your wishes will come true.
Thank you for doing this quiz. If you wrote your name down, remember that you are just one of the many people who wish to stop just one of the small demonstrations of cruelty in this world. Spread the word.
P.S. If you answered yes to any one of the psychiatric questions, you are crazy.
Wahoo, I got my wishies true. I win I win… I am crazy to.

Age 15


  1. "For an updated Encarta CD-ROM." Nothing has ever spoken more directly to my heart.


  2. "I can dance worth trophies." Yes, you can.


Your words make me grin.

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