Friday, October 24, 2014

October 23th, 2014

View out the front window of where I'm staying this week.
Tonight, I had the honour of calling into one of my favourite radio shows - the White Girl Radio Hour, but on by two lovely humans over Washington DC on WGTB, the radio station of Georgetown University.

One of the co-hosts is my friend, Tucker. I met Tucker back in 2009 after a dozen people recommended I meet him. Everyone seemed to know Tucker.

Since then, we've both gotten around since we met.

Two years ago, I believe, he started up the WGRH with his friend... a lovely lass whose name I forget. I've been calling in since 2012, if I remember correctly.

I love tuning in, when I remember. For me, it's 7:00 PM on Thursdays.

Tonight, they were talking about home. I tuned in with housemate, Nik, who is amicable and doesn't mind me blaring out show-tunes or shows like the WGRH. As each tune came on, a smirk came on - but not a cruel one. Each tune made me giggle when it came on.

Collectively, the show set a good mood for the room.

Then, it was time for me to call in.
I love calling into this show almost as much as I love listening.

The topic was home -- a topic I feel like I've exhausted on this blog. Just now, I thought I'd scrap the whole idea, but now I think I might throw it in again.

Or out.
or in
or out.

At the end, I was asked about my current daily rhythm up here in Alaska.

Here it is...

- arise
- greet humans
- make tea
- dishes
- dance (or later in the day... sometime)
- math
- math
- math
- outside skitter
- math
- visit humans
- dinner
- slow down
- sleep

Yeah... not too eventful, eh? But I like it. There's a lot of flexibility in it. I also get to spend a lot, a lot, of time with my niece, Pearl, and my dear friend, Dani.

So what did today look like?

This week I'm staying at a different house. It involves taking care of two dogs, a bajillion cats, and a few fish. I spent most of the morning working on a letter to Tucker and dancing around the house to this.

In the afternoon, I gave Dani a call to see how she was doing. We decided she needed to go out and that I should watch Pearl for a bit. I showed up, Dani left, Pearl and I chilled. Dani got a ton done and so did I. Pearl was sleeping so I did some math homework. It was a triple win. After her nap, we read through her Pride and Prejudice book five times.

Then we all three went for a walk around town - ended up at the post office to pick up a present I had designed/made online for the M family.

Dani made soup.
I worked on homework.
Nik came home.
Discussed household drama.
Ate soup.
I went back to where I'm staying.
Realized I forgot my laptop at home - which I needed for homework turn-in that night.
Drove back into down.
Grabbed laptop.
Back to house.

Exciting, eh?

Not especially - but it was a good day.
There's time to breathe in this town.

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