Monday, October 13, 2014

Star Trek: TOS & 90° Glasses

Sometimes (not often), I consume a substance quickly (I had one beer and one scotch, nothing overboard, but enough to make me laugh) and then think it's a great idea to go online and go shopping.

In this situation, I really wanted a Star Trek hoodie so I could dress up like Data.
My first crush, as a kid, was on Data. I thought he was super cute.

Currently, I'm working on Star Trek: The Original Series.
It is wonderful.
Ha. Ha. Ha.

Just like that.

The other night, my housemate, Luke, asked if I wanted a salmon sandwich (I did!) and made one for me and then he, me, and Data watched two episodes. It was delightful.

In that uninhibited moment of shopping, I also bought a mug that lifes up, and these 90° glasses that make it so you can lay down and read a book without lifting up your arms or crinking up your neck. I also got a zombie doll for Pearl that can be torn into bits. She likes creepy toys.

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