Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This is our backyard. Our Alaskan backyard. Adding the word "Alaskan" to things make them sound a bit dandier. This is the Alaskan backyard with the Alaskan picnic table. I didn't realize Alaska was a novelty till I lived there and then left and folks went "Woowoo-Alaska."
It is 3:59 AM and I am not sleeping?
Why am I not sleeping?

So I'll recount the day.

Today was testhigh... test high, not tes-theigh.
The today I refer to was yesterday.

Yesterday I took mid-terms. I hadn't done one for around three years.

Despite the time, I still kept up my same ol' ritual, including cardio w/in 1-3 hours before taking the test.

I got a solid night's sleep the night before (in bed by 10:13 PM, reading zines).

This is making me sleepy.. I'm sleepy... maybe I can sleep instead of finishing this...

7:34 AM

Good morning.
Sort of.

I think I have a sixth sense for earthquakes. That would explain why I didn't sleep last night.
Oh coincidences.

We had an earthquake this morning. The kind that is long enough for you to wake up, see things moving, and think, "This is an earthquake and it's super freaky."

There's different data reports, ranging from a 4.8 (just about intermediate, on the Richter Scale) to a 5.2. It was around 30 miles West of Haines.

Earthquakes are weird.
Maybe scary.
Yes, scary.

Because it's like the world is saying, "Ha, ha! You are so small and insignificant, I could just demolish everything in seconds." Which is totally true, but who likes to be reminded of something like that?

Last night I slept like... like.. like one of my housemates. He's an insomniac and his lights are almost always guaranteed on at 4:22 AM. I was exhausted by 8:30 PM but wasn't in bed till 11 PM. Then it took a while to fall asleep, then I woke up a few hours later, was awake a few hours, then asleep a few, then earthquake earthquake.

I think I was blabbing about my day, last night.

To re-summarize, it was fantastic.

The mid-term went over well. I felt confident going into it. It wasn't an over-cocky confidence that comes falsely, but the confidence comes with knowing that you prepared well and you feel good about how you spent your time studying and keeping up with the coursework.

This online-school thing is empowering this time-go-round. I think I can do this.

Before my mid-term, I taught one cello lesson to my student out the road. Crikey, she's doing great. She practices for 30 minutes 5 days a week! It's such an honour teaching a human what I know and watching them go from 0 knowledge of music theory (they didn't know what a scale, note, rest, and other terms were) to being able to play the Dreidel Song!

After lessons, I jumped on the trampoline for a few songs and danced with Pearl and, apparently, we almost broke the house. In Alaska, there's not really any building codes, so a lot of houses are sketch, including this one. There are big open rooms without any support beams underneath. As we jumped (ok, so I was the jumper, she hasn't learned to jump, yet), apparently the floor bowed underneath us to uncomfortable distortions. I like to jump on the trampoline for around 30 minutes each day. When I'm feeling low on energy, it's a good solution.

Then I packed up my bag, went to the market for a sandwich, and headed off to my test proctor.

I met one of the professors of math of the University of Alaska and she agreed to proctor my test. I'm really grateful!

The test went well. When I was handed it, I looked it over and though, "I feel pretty good in answering each of these questions."

After the test, I ran home with my test high. So good!

Dani bundled up Pearl so I could take her out on a walk. Pearl makes a very cute pink-fuzzy bear. Once we were outside, I handed her Data, the action figure, which she held onto for the entire trip... except for when she dropped him, then she would scream until I got him back in her hands.

We made our way to the post-office where Dani got an outlandish number of huge packages for me to push home (she didn't oblige me to do this and when I got home.. she doesn't do that). The stroller was loaded up and back home we went, Data in tow.

Back home, the other housemates were getting ready to head out to vote. On the ballot, this year was the legalization of marijuana (it passed by 2%). They set out, Nik, Pearl, and I stuck behind. I went upstairs and let myself have some free time, breathing and not thinking about math for an evening.

When they came home, they brought back the Grand Budapest Hotel. We tried to watch it, but all got wayy too sleepy... Luke made a delicious salmon casserole and Dani made smoothies. I live with pretty awesome people.

So that's what I was trying to say at 3:59 AM last night...

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