Saturday, November 15, 2014

Acts 2:35 : Footstool

Acts 2:35 "...until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet."

I love living with families. As a single, solo traveler, I thrive on the community I find in each location.

Currently, I'm living with a rad family. That baby, the one with the crocodile tears, is Pearl. Everyone in the house is related to her. She calls me Annnne-TEE. Also in the house are two of her uncles, Luke and Daniel, and, conveniently, her folks, Dani and Nik.

Dani's pregnant.
Pearl is still a lil' baby bear.

Those two key characters traits, alone, keep things amusing.

Dani's feet were aching so we teamed up to give her relief. I jumped in as a footstool and Nik worked his magic. He gives fantastic massages.

Now Pearl, these days, hates it when anyone touches her mommy... especially Daddy. When he started to rub Dani's feet, Pearl flipped out. She also flips out when just about anyone touches Dani's belly, like the doctor.

She was quite upset in this circumstance because Daddy was touching her feet and that was totally unacceptable.

In case you were wondering, me being her footstool does not mean we're enemies.

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