Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November Math Update

Photo by Dani
Just a few more weeks till I've completed my first school quarter in the past few years.

You know what? It feels like a huge step. It feels like I'm moving forward. It feels like I'm aiming towards something.

One of the grandest things about this class is that I'm completing it without taking my meds. Any idea how huge that is? Huge! The last time I tried to do school without meds, my mom called it the year from hell.

Not only am I turning in assignments, I generally can turn them in at least 24 hours in advance, just in case something goes arises.

It's an empowering feeling. It feels like slapping ADHD In the face and saying, "TAKE THAT!" Or, more so, slapping the meds in the face and saying, "I can do this without you!"

Well... sort of.

Thing is, I'm only doing one class.
And it's math.
I like math.

Should I keep running with it?

I'm not even failing (not that I generally fail). 98.46 on my midterm. Not perfect, but I'll take it. I'd be suspicious if I got 100%.

It's been great studying here in Alaska. When the weather's crummy, I feel especially motivated.

When I need to recharge, all I have to do is go downstairs and Pearl and Dani are there to cheer me on. Sometimes Pearl will watch the lectures with me. Most of the time, though, she's just interested in the calculator.

After my learning, I try to make time, each day, to read Pearl's books with her. I especially love it when she wants to hear the same story over and over and over again.

We're both learning. That's what we get to do. Learn each day.
I don't think I ever want to stop -- don't think I ever could.


  1. Goooo Lukie! Hooray hoorah! I can definitely relate.

  2. I love that you love the maths so much! I sure don't, so somebody has to take one for the team. You go grrrrrl!


Your words make me grin.

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