Thursday, December 4, 2014

Crash Update #2

Photo by Ian Hubert

I'm doing ok. Really I am.

I feel normal at times and then there are the lows and those lows are so, so low.

It'd all be ok -- but I have finals next week. I need to find the motivation and energy to sit down with my schoolwork and study, but it hasn't come yet. I've done a bit of it, but nothing that's due... and it's all due tomorrow. Luckily, only 9 out of 10 assignments are used to determine your final grade so I could skip this and still potentially get a 98%. Luckily, I really did my best earlier in the quarter.

But... that final is 40% of my grade.

I haven't cried about the crash, lately, but have at everything else that involves little kids singing.

Physically, I'm on the path towards healing. I've seen the chiropractor and all will be well. I'll have massages twice a week, probably, for the next few weeks or months -- which is totally ok with me.

I've been taking/using arnica, ibuprofen, hot water bottles and heat pads (but ice immediate after to help with swelling), stretches, spsom salt baths, hot tubs, and have rested a lot. My housemate, Nik, made this rad salve out of devil's club and cranberry bark which work wonders.

I don't know.

Thanks, everyone, who's been there for me, both in thought and in Haines. I appreciate it.
I'm sorry if I haven't written back to everyone. I'm a bit backlogged. Starting Thursday, life clears up, school-wise, and hopefully my mind will also be... no, it'll take time. Maybe?

Once again, grateful the doctor told me this mind thing would happen.
Knowledge is power.
Healing takes time.

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