Friday, December 26, 2014

Margaret --- You're Not Alone

 I feel so loved and supported.
And it's crazy.

I am writing this to look at all those nights when I want to moan and say, "I'M ALL ALONE IN THE WORLD!" When that happens, I can come look and go, "Bam! No you're not!"

I am grateful for these friends.
The sort of friends that...

... rejoice with me when I let them know I'm not coming back, because they know it's good for me. I was supposed to work for this family starting soon and I was calling to say, I'm not even coming back to say good-bye. The mom's first response was, "Good!" because she was happy to hear me on a path that made me happy.

... give me an outside perspective. Who talk straight to me.

... are wise and I know I can go to them for advice.

... say, "Hey Margaret! You should just go to Washington and I'll pack up all of your belongings and mail them for you."

... open up their home to me if I'm going to school in Washington.

... send me letters of encouragement when things are rough or even when they're dandy.

... help me understand the world.

... let me visit at ridiculous hours and make me feel absolutely at home.

... go wayyy out of their way to bless me.


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