Thursday, December 18, 2014

Reasons I'm Crying

I've been crying a lot lately.
Doctor told me it was most simply described as PTSD and that this crying thing might go on for a month or few.

Here's some triggers, lately.

1) League of Their Own made me cry about four times. One time, it was major body-shaking sobs.
2) Going to church
3) Hearing "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" at church
4) Trailer for the new Annie movie. The part where she jumps on the bed.. I lost it.
5) Biking
6) Saw a little toddler named Margaret on the ferry
7) YouTube clip of four girls who play Matilda getting a Tony
8) Feeling confused with finals
9) Hearing Hillary describe the births of her kids
10) Hearing Dani talk about giving birth
11)  Amy Grant
12) Someone mentioned a pump organ...
13) Searching on Google for "Baby Tucker" and finding this.

Hey! It's all good.
I feel fine. I don't feel down.
I just cry.

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Your words make me grin.

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