Sunday, December 21, 2014

WA Move

Hometown Park 2012
I'm thinking of moving to Seattle in 8 days.

As in... moving back to Seattle.
Maybe for seven months

I haven't lived in Seattle for longer than three months since 2011. I know three years doesn't seem like much (it isn't), but in this stage in life, with so much that's happened... goodness.

Where did this come from?


It occurred to me a few weeks ago when I got a job offerish-thing in Seattle (sweet!).

Here's the status update I put on FB a few days ago,

Potential job in Seattle (interview in a few weeks). They want someone who will stick around for seven months, till September! Till SEPTEMBER! Seven months! This could be a good growing experience... or kill my soul? Tempted. Seattle's a nice place, very nice place. I could get into dancing, roller skating, and other hobby-things you can do in a city. Yeah... hobby-things.

Then I added this:

Reasons to Move to Seattle:
1) Dance scene

2) Could hang out with Adam (and Josh and Racheal)
3) Not just "catch up" with friends I've known for a while but not spent time with
4) The food is not as expensive there as every other place I've lived lately (islands and Alaska cost extra dollars)
5) PDX and Vancouver are super accessible
6) 40 hours at ONE place... not trying to coordinate schedules
7) Rollllar skates! I need something to work hard at. Dat'd be fun.
8) Seirm!!
9) Language communities
10) Dude... in one place for a while... with guys my age... I could actually, like, date someone....
11) Music collaborations
12) I feel supported there
13) Wide spectrum of humans to influence me
14) Public transportation!!
15) Can see family more frequently
16) Rebuild Tobbit's engine with Alex
17) Curling
18) Could see super awesome plays
20) The Hill (Hannah)

Not bad, eh?

Since coming to Juneau, I've met up with a few transplants like me. They both expressed a done-ness with Alaska. They're ready to move on. Alaska can be great, but limiting. It's not for everyone. I love this place immensely and it's a nice place to call home, but for a twenty-something, it's not exactly the land of opportunities. Neither of them are in their twenties, but both are people I really respect. They're ready to go. I'm ready to go.

So Seattle.

Originally, I was going to go to Seattle for Day-After-Christmas till January 9, then hop back to Haines for a bit before coming to Seattle. My friend said, "Hey! Why don't you just go to Seattle now and stay. We'll pack up your room for you and ship it down for you!"

And that idea sounded super great
I was feeling weird, before the call. Major stomach ache (stress induced) and crummy.. and I was smiling and laughing and, yes, yes, I want to go to Seattle.

I could have a routine - a life - in Seattle.
I can feel safe, secure.

There's a lot I don't want to leave in Alaska, but I think it's a good time.

For now, I'll just type up this post and not publish it till things are absolute and ready to go.

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