Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hans in Seattle

This familiar face came back to the Mainland with me after my trip to Lopez.

We have an interesting friendship and perhaps one of the more honest friendships I've encountered. I think we both might get on each others' nerves a lot. We tell each other like it is. I get frustrated. He gets frustrated.

We've never really had a normal friendship and within the first few weeks of getting to know each other, things were bumpy -- but they get better.

The first night in Seattle, we went to Dick's after a contra dance.

"Does me being here stress you out?" he asked.
I blatantly told him it did.
I apologized. I was grumpy. It was late at night.

"I've seen you like this before," he told me.

That was quite the statement and one chockful of a lot of comfort. Oh yeah... he's seen me at my worst and he's still here. We both have seen each other in a whole dynamic range of emotions and we're both still here.

A highlight was biking and skateboarding with him down the Burke Gilman. I liked that a lot.

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