Monday, January 19, 2015

Tea With Papa Bear

The other Sunday, I was having issues getting out of bed. I tried for two hours and it didn't work.

I felt overwhelmed with guilt and sadness and the world seemed like a bit too much and my bed seemed like a good place to be.

Then, Dad knocked on the door and asked if he could take me out for lunch. I said that tea sounded good.

He took me to Country Village. We had tea and then checked out a few shops.

I got to get little sandwiches, soup, a scone, a tray of desserts (couldn't finish those) and some tea (Prince of Wales).

It was one of my favourite times I've had with my dad in a while - really chill, peaceful, and I felt connected with him. He's a really neat guy and I know, I know he cares about me. I'm floored over and over how he bends backwards, going out of his way to help me out. No one teaches about unconditional love like Mom and Dad.

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