Monday, January 19, 2015

To Shari's

Went to Shari's today. By myself. With a book. To avoid rush hour traffic. Because that's where my Grandma liked to go. I'm not a fan of their food, but I am a fan of Grandma. She's dead and I miss her. Upon ordering, I broke down and, sadly, not in silent tears but loud ones...
So I was crying, blubbering, single-lady at Shari's. Grand ol' thing was that I felt mighty comfortable with it. My waitress was magnificent and gave me a big hug, called me every pet-name there ever was, and made sure I always had a steady-supply of tea.
Got some good reading in to go along with those good tears.
Other good news is that today I've had four sad cries so hopefully I'm cried out for the day and will have a dry evening.

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