Wednesday, May 20, 2015

aha --frreeee

I keep having to deactivate my Facebook account.

It is too, too much.

Too many messages, invitations, people trying to make connections.

And I want to! I want to have the energy to write back, to make things work but, in the end, I just feel exhausted because I can't keep up. Facebook makes me feel like I need to pack my life full of all the things.. every single afternoon has an obligation to be kept.

Without it, my life opens up.
My time opens up.
I go to bed earlier.
I get more done during the day.
I don't feel as stressed.
I have more free time.

And I don't constantly witness how everyone is doing.

It's great to care about friends, but there isn't much natural about trying to keep tabs on 1,791 people.
I can care about humans as I see the humans in person and relate to them then.

Sounds good to me.

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Your words make me grin.

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