Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fiddleheads and Moose

That's our town, Haines, Alaska.
Sweet Baby Onyx Jean

Endless running around, fueled by moose and salmon, jumping around town in a massive diesel truck, sun streaming down, trampoline afternoons and evening fires, racing around behind a nine-year-old on a four-wheeler, countless hugs from the kids I love and never ending snugs, familiar faces around every corner, mountains in every backdrop, nights out in the tent, hiking with a babe strapped on the back, lunch on the beach, dinner on the porch, snack in the yard, napping to the sound of eagles, drinking straight from mountain streams between fiddle-head bites, blueberry stained faces, dirty knees, baby chicks hatching, sips of homemade ginger soda, steep gravel and dirt roads, laughing more in a week than I have in the last few months combined and families who love me as one of their own, just as I am, and welcome me home.

Back in Alaska for a visit.

View from one of the homes I lived in with twelve other humans.
My niece, Pearl, enjoying the swing. Shortly after, I put her in the pack on my back and she fell fast asleep -- out for the night.
My favourite, favourite Ellen. Love this woman. All laughs for the first ten minutes of our reunion.
View from the tent when I woke up this morning.
Breakfast with Pearl.
Dani & Onyx Jean
Evening fire complete with s'mores and fine company.

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