Monday, May 25, 2015

Folklife 2015

Each year, I basically give up on trying to document Folklife. You _can't_ capture what it is or what it means or how it feels... but you can take a few pictures of the huge magnitude of people that show up.

I grabbed a few shots while on the go. By no means a documentation, just a few snaps.

Folklife feels like community. You (I) couldn't walk for more than a few minutes without seeing a familiar face in each crowd. A friend would be on the corner busking or volunteering or performing. I feel grateful to be connected to the doers, makers, and creators of Seattle - they are a beautiful people. This is the only place where, truly, people from every friend group come together and meander about.

I meant to dance a lot this weekend, I had hoped to, but, like each year, that just didn't happen. I get tied up in conversation and music or eat food and dancing post-consumption just isn't something I can do.

Four days of vivid colours and rich sounds, beautiful connections.
Thanks, Folklife, for being everything I needed you to be.

New playground. I love those slides!
Ukrainian Choir
River, Sarah, Sonya, Brian, Aria,Sky
Alex, me, Alex
Northwest Junior Pipe Band
the Fountain
Female Hip Hop Battle
Contra Dancing at Warren's Roadhouse
N & G
Very familiar humans.
Sk - y
Dancing Irish sets led by David.
Photo by Sky
Seattle Cello Experiement
Seattle in all its Seattle-ness.

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