Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mom!

The other day, the family got together to celebrate my mom.

What a woman. Seriously, folks this lady is a wonder.

Not even sure where to start. If I had to describe her in just two words, compassionate and wise would trump. I can't begin to tell you how many times she's giving me advice and listened to my problems. She's level headed and approaches life in a just manner. I've never seen her be unkind to anyone. Ever. Ever. And I've known her for 24 years!

Well... I guess she sometimes hangs up on robot spam callers... that might not be nice. But they ain't human!

She's put up with me bringing dozens of folks over and each time, she welcomes them in. I'm grateful for her display of hospitality. I hope when I have a home, I can welcome folks in as lovingly as she does.

She's got a knack for telling stories in her phrasing and voice and is excellent at deciding what would make a good story that's worth sharing.

She's excellent at piano.

She's a wonderful dancer.

I like being around her... a lot. A lot a lot.

Living in Seattle, even when I'm weeks at another place, I still find myself wanting to go to my folks' house over and over 'cause it's a nice place to be. She made a home for us to grow up in and I'm grateful that I can still keep coming back.

I know this wasn't too cohesive ---- but here's to Barbara - the rockin' rad Mom lady!

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