Monday, July 6, 2015

Headed East :: Day Trip

Sometimes you need an impromptu trip to Eastern Washington.

Washington is a rad place with quite a few regions but, predominately, it's divided by Cascade Mountain Range -- we've got Eastern Washington and Western Washington.

Western Washington is lush and green.
Eastern Washington is... dry.

It's desserts, fields, canyons, open skies.

Sean and I were camping in the mountains when I learned he didn't know that Eastern Washington even exists. He's new to Washington from Florida and hadn't learned about the side of his new home state. He saw a picture and his reaction was priceless.

The next day, we jumped in his car and headed East to Wenatchee first to visit my uncle's brewery.

I was hoping to see my uncle but he wasn't there that day. He is a part-owner of the brewery and also owns a gun shop upstairs.

Sean got a.. a... pilsner, maye, and I got a nitro stout which was oh, oh so good.

Afterwords, we headed over to the market where Sean got us lunch. Thanks Sean.

It was such, such a hot day, over 100 F. That's a whole lot of heat - a lot of it. We didn't have air conditioning for the car so we kept the windows down. After a while, the heat really got to my head and stomach. This is what changed my mind about taking a trip around the United States with Alex. While I was eager to do the trip, I was nervous that between a messy sleep schedule and lots of heat, I would get sick again. It's good I didn't go because as it turns out, at the same time I would've been there I would've had mono as well and a roadtrip with mono is not my idea of fun.

From there, we continued down the road to Ellensburg to visit my cousin and her kids.

My cousin is something of a superwoman. She's a single mom of two rad girls and she recently decided to go to school to become a teacher. This is no easy endeavor. I'm so proud of her as she strives for her goals and is working so, so hard.

When we got there, I was grateful they had a kiddie pool to cool down in. A body of water makes all the difference. My cousins made all the difference.

Always good (truly, always) to be around family. I'm so grateful to have family nearby that I can visit and I'm grateful for family that gets along (for the most part).

I'm also grateful that Sean likes to drive - it's what he does for a living. He got us around all day and we didn't even die once!

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