Friday, July 10, 2015

Kristine & Ruby

Sometimes, life works out in beautiful ways that involve people named Kristine and Ruby.

I was hanging out with Sean who was like, "Yo! I have a best friend and he has a family and these are them."

No longer to I hang out with him, but the people he introduced me to were Kristine and her daughter Ruby and they're still in my life.

After meeting them, I told Sean, "I really like Kristine. I want to hang out with her tomorrow." He told me he wasn't exactly sure if she liked me or not. He knew his friend liked me, but couldn't tell with her. Me? I thought I could tell well enough.

The next day, he told me she had sent him a text asking if I could hangout.


And that's where it began.

That day we hung out in West Seattle and then dashed over South Seattle to take the raft out.

Ruby wasn't too thrilled about the life jacket in the slightest.

Drifting around Lake Washington felt like summer and it felt like bliss. It also felt like the pace of island life, where there's not much to worry about or a schedule to keep, you just go with whatever sounds like a good idea at the moment. If only Seattle had the same amount of traffic as Lopez.

I guess rafting wasn't enough time together because two days later, we were out getting breakfast before I had to go to work.

For the past few months, Kristine had driven past the Countryside Cafe and wanted to jump in but hadn't yet. It's a whole in the wall sort of neighborhood joint that you can count on to have the greasiest hash browns.


It was good.

Ruby wasn't too thrilled with her egg white scramble.

The only part I'm not fond of is that I live in North Seattle and they live wayyyy down in South Seattle. It makes for quite the traffic commute no matter what the time of day. Only time it's bearable is late evening and night.

Few days later, we jumped over to Saint Edwards State Park in my hometown. A short hike and we settled in on a quilt to enjoy the shade. It's been a warm summer in Seattle.

We left for tea but, as luck would have it (not luck -- I'm just like this), I forgot my camera at the park. We were about to start meandering around to get tea when I remembered my camera so we all packed back into the car to see if my camera was where I had left it.

The cool thing is that this is Kenmore.
People don't steal things in Kenmore.
Sure enough, 40 minutes after I had left it there on the counter, my camera was still by the bathrooms, just chilling. I was so grateful.

And that's just how it goes.
We hang out. We go to Trader Joe's. They trust me to watch Ruby. We stay cool. We swim. We eat food. We meander. And I'm grateful.

Always a dandy thing when new humans walk into your life.

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