Friday, July 31, 2015

Live vs Visit

Home in Uzhgorod, Ukraine
I was asked how I choose between deciding if I live in a place or am visiting.

Like I say I lived in Ukraine but only visited Russia.
Sometimes I say I live in Seattle but other times, even if it's for more than a month, I consider it only a visit.

Since I'm on the move rawther frequently, it's not really a time-thing. I normally consider 2 months to be a good marker for me, but that's just because if I wasn't so generous with time, I'd never be calling anyplace home and I like having a place to call home.

For a place to be called a home I usually need...

- a daily purpose or routine
- a community
- a place to sleep (can change)

That's actually, about it.
The last one is iffy.

Right now, I say that I live in Seattle because that's simplest. Missing Alaska, but loving Seattle.

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