Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rotary Youth Exchange Reunion in Ecuador

The other night, I had such a sweet night. I asked Jorge if I could see Paz and Andrea as well when in Ecuador and for a night, all four of us were together again.

Paz, Jorge, Andrea, and I were exchange students through Rotary in 2007-2008 in Switzerland.

Jorge and Regge, his girlfriend, made wings and we had such a fine dinner. It's always (well, almost always) good to see friends again - especially halfway across the globe.

They're both as sweet and caring as I remember them. Andrea is married and has a little girl and Paz is in law school - she's about to get her master's in Spain!

Rotary Youth Exchange was one of the best things that happened in my life. It was pivotal in making me who I am today and setting me on the path I am. It made the world so much smaller. It's opened doors and empowered me to be comfortable being me. It gave me friends for life around the world and for that alone, I'm so grateful.

Here we are back in 2007-2008. On the left is in Switzerland and on the right is us in Venice, Italy on the Europareise (Euro trip).  I don't think any of us have changed that much. They keep telling me I haven't changed a bit ('cept I'm thinner).

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