Saturday, July 4, 2015

Three Nights in the Woods

Ian set up a pretty rad night out at Exit 47.

Out there in the mountains, you don't need a reservation and you don't need plumbing. You just need a blanket of sorts, maybe a tent or hammock, and you're set to go.

I showed up a day early to reserve the spot for everyone. My friend Alex joined in. He's from Chicago. The spot was pristine and peaceful. A weekend out in the woods was exactly what I needed.

There's no place on earth like the Pacific Northwest.

The next day, I drove Alex to North Bend to catch the bus and when I got back, my brother was there. We jammed for a bit and started to set up camp for the party that was to come.

Lights were strung between trees and he laid out a path of lights to lead people from the road to the spot tucked in the trees by the river. A few hours later, folks started showing up - a whole lot of folks.

Ian re-wrote "We Are the World" to be "We Are the Squirrels" - a song partially about my childhood experience of having a squirrel jump out of a garbage can at me at the zoo.

This is worth a watch:

We Are The Squirrels
Remember Your Very First Glimpse of DeathIan on guitarMargaret on celloNate on hammered dulcimerAaron on banjoJeff on strumstick, And the Sciuridae Singers! Aaron, Kate, Paige, Selena, Nick, Rowan, Sienna, Heather, Pablo, Wryly. and Chloe and Cody! Soren on camera, Justin and John on lights!
Posted by Ian Hubert on Sunday, June 7, 2015

In the morning, Paul rode his motorcycle to the top of the pass and brought us all back pancakes. We had a feast.

 Everyone departed for Eastern Washington and I stayed behind to rest and breathe. Six hours alone in the woods does one a whole lot of go. Then Sean showed up for the next 24 hours and life was brilliant! The end.

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