Friday, July 31, 2015

Traveling With Mono

I've been sick on the go, before, but never with mono.

Mono basically drained me of all energy for the past month. And, when I thought I had energy, it was just a cruel joke that made me sicker.

When Doctor Hundert at the hospital said that he thought it was a fine idea for me to go to Ecuador just three days after getting out of the hospital, I was surprised and nervous. I was ready to call it off. My folks were more than ready for me to call it off. Almost everyone I talked to was down for me calling it off.

But, here I am!

I figured, it would be better to be resting for two weeks in Ecuador and to have a few conversations with my Ecuadorian friends than to stay in Seattle, start to feel better, and regret not going.

I'd like to quickly throw out a salutation to all those with chronic fatigue and medical conditions that oblige you to keep track of your energy levels --- I know this is barely a window into your world.

Traveling with mono means sleeping in.
It means not having any guilt about sleeping in.

It's about days where you do nothing in attempt to heal up for when you do go out.

It's reminding yourself that the less you move the better.

It's constant awareness of energy levels and saving energy for special days.

It's not knowing when it's time to push yourself and deciding not to even go there.

It's the fear that I'm going to slip back...

but I haven't, yet, and I don't think I will.

It's finally moving after a month and finding that climbing up a small hill, the tiniest and shortest of hikes, leaves you feeling light headed. It's being grateful for a host that tells you to stop when you nee to stop and go your own pace.

It's naps --- lots of naps.

And now, I'm starting to get lots of energy and feel hyper and want to dance for hours (three hours, to be precise) and not knowing what to do with it. I let myself move, I let myself dance, but I don't let myself get lightheaded. If my head feels weird, I stop.

It's a balance, and I'm not yet accustomed to it.
I wanna ride a bike.

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