Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why Ecuador?

After eight years, I had much anticipation built up about seeing my big brother again. I had my tickets purchased to fly to Ecuador but after a few days in the hospital, wasn't sure if I'd even get to go. The doctor who oversaw my hospital stay, though, gave my trip the double thumbs up.

"So.. I was

Back in 2007 and 2008, I was living in Switzerland in the small town of Sachseln. I couldn't speak the language, yet, and of course there were moments of feeling isolated in the foreign country. Every once in a while I'd have a pang of jealousy that they all had their families there with them and mine were half way across the globe.

There was another teen my age, though, living nearby who was also an exchange student. Jorge! We ended up becoming truly close as we spent hours on the train together and went to the same school. He was my big brother, I was his "lil sis," and that was good.

He invited me to visit him and I promised I would.

Eight years ago I promised.
The February, decided to fulfill that promise.

It was spurred by a comment he made on Facebook. I had written a blog post on Valentine's day about the time he gave me a rose. He made a comment on how I needed to visit and I thought, "Yeah... yeah, I do need to visit." A quick Skype session and the tickets were bought.

Round trip ticket to Ecuador for a few months.

This plan got foiled by a few months of vomiting. I bought a new ticket that would take me there for two weeks.

Then I got mono and was in the hospital two days before departure, but the doctor didn't hesitate to say, "Go! Just take it easy."

So -- how is it seeing my big brother again? Better than I could've imagined.

What I was imagining was that things would've changed but nothing has changed. Things feel the the same. I'm pretty elated.

It's also a delight to meet his family! I've heard about them so, so many times and, as it turns out, they're just as amazing as he made them out to be. They totally set me at ease and make me feel at home, which is a nice feeling when you're far, far away from home.

Just grateful to be here.

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