Monday, September 21, 2015

Cop vs Bicyclist

"YOU ON THE BIKE!" went the loud speaker on the cop car as his lights spun around. He'd done his siren behind me, but I didn't think it would be for me... until he mentioned the bike.

Then I knew it was for me.

No helmet.
(I left it at the library on accident and am retrieving it tonight)
They didn't like my driving style.

I was doing something cyclists something do where, in a long line-up of cars, you pull to the front. Why? Not to be a jerk. Not 'cause it makes me go faster. I do it 'cause it is good for visibility and such. There's reasons not to and reasons to do it. He discussed what I should've done and I acknowledge that I considered both of those ways of getting through the intersection and had chosen the wrong choice.

"The unsafe choice," he clarified.

A bicyclists got killed by a cement truck in our town the other week so the cops are really cracking own on us cyclists.

To the cop's credit - he was polite and doing his job. He listened to me. He wasn't a jerk face.
My privilege is that I'm white and, while I wasn't thrilled, I wasn't ever scared for my life.

No ticket.
Just a warning.

To be honest, I don't think he was doing anyone a favour by stopping me. He wasn't saving my life. If he wants to make the streets safer, he could start by watching those cars that keep trying to take their free right turns onto my head... 

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