Tuesday, April 26, 2016

self-portrait on a boat

Self-portrait taken on the ship from the Netherlands to the North of England (because someone wasn't in the mood for London). Got up early to a stunning sunset. In absolute, but internalized awe. Outwards exhaustion, peace, and feeling pretty kick-ass for getting that far when the whole thing was supposed to just be a trip to Ukraine. Last haircut was from Mormons found in the alley ("Which of you cut hair?" I asked -- one obliged). Freckles from the daily foot-commute to the hospital, sometimes in 120 F weather (after a year in Alaska, that.. oi). Jacket from Auntie-Mo who I met while preparing a flash mob for Swedish Hospital. It's weird seeing my face, but when I look at me, I see a sense of resolution. Things were finally coming full circle in a way that felt grounding as the ship rocked back and forth.

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