Monday, May 16, 2016

I Will Have Beautiful Feet

I can't say I've been too original with clothes, lately. I find a piece that's solid and comfortable and wear it out. Then I go onto eBay and find the same piece and get it again. Lately, this has been the case for J. Crew corduroy shorts and Van shoes. I got a pair of each last year and have been showing them no mercy.

I'm brutal to my clothes. My lifestyle is active and I see clothes as a tool to be used, not protected.

Shoes are something I can wear into the ground, but prefer not to. With my weak ankles, I need something solid to support me and my ankles start to role as the soles wear thin, at times. I've been  searching for months for my shoes in the identical print. Eventually, I gave up and came up with these new ones. It's fun buying the same shoe all over again to see how they wear and age.

I think they're quite beautiful!

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