Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day Twenty Sixteen

I've been living in various communities, besides my family, since 2011. I thrive living in a home with people of various backgrounds and passions and it's a great way to feel grounded in a big city like the one I live in (population 21,100).

Today, everyone got together to celebrate the birthdays of Mary Beth, Clair, and Caitlin. It was a perfect spring day to get outside and enjoy time together. One of the things that I love the most is the laughter that happens. We laugh so much together.

After lunch, presents, and affirmations, a few of us geared up for the first swim of the year in the creek! This creek is also where I first met my connection to the household, Jesse, back in 2006.

In a pack, we amble down the street, stopping to say "Hey!" to neighbor Justin and XL, his dog.

Down the water, we all stepped in with different reactions. Some of us found it not too cold and others found it to be next to freezing. And then, three of us splashed in. C and I did just a quick swim across, that was enough. E, on the other hand, could spend hours and hours on end in there if we let him.


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