Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Movin' and a Shakin'

This post is sort of related to the last one. It is the kind of thing where I'm documenting, but Facebook isn't where I want to post it.

I was graciously gifted a Fitbit this week. I was pretty excited to be able to see what my heart rate was doing, all day long, and see how much I move.

How much do I move?

Well, that much.
The average American gets between 5,000 and 6,000 steps a day. My goal was 10,000, which I got by lunchtime.

It makes sense, though. I work outside and with kids all day... and I got two Richard Simmons DVD's in the mail! Nothing beats sweatin' to the oldies with him.

According to the app, I spent 4 hours and 41 minutes with my heart rate in the "fat burn zone."

Turns out I move a lot....
And this is how someone with ADHD can stop taking their meds and feel just fine (though there's lots of ways they can make that happen and taking meds is great too!).

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