2013 Highlights [incomplete]:

JanuaryDog Sledding in Alaska & Ice Fishing & In Reply to the Anonymous Comment & Why I Travel On My Ownsome & Ferry AK->WA :: Tuesday in Sitka :: Hitchhiking, Snot, and Soup & Annual Langley, BC Trip & Lopez Island

February: A New Bed Every 2.5 Days & What a Charming Town & Prologue to the Acquisition of Tobbit & The Acquisition of TobbitClosing PDX

March: My Friends - Amtrak Security & Setting Off From Bowen & I'll Take the Train & Traveling on a Whim? No. Not At AllSynchronicity & Nyklus

April: Bike Trailer's and Pulling Peoplethe Mulberry Mission at Kensington MarketDownpours, Lightning, and the Brooklyn Bridge & Day Six: Status Updates in RussiaВологдаHow To Speak With Mägi and Help Her Learn Your Language & Train from Moscow to Vologda

2012 Highlights:

Here are some of my favourite posts from this year. Most are listed more so for photograph than word content.

January: Raw Goat Milk, Earth Worms, and Classical Corea & 7 Years Worth of Photographs of January 28th

FebruaryOn ADHD and Being Weird & Sleeping Around :: [numbers, photo compilation, listings]

MarchSeattle Weekend: Raclette, Blues, Contra, Portage Bay Cafe, Beery House, Third Place Books

April: Oats in AlaskaFirst Quilt - Ιθάκη & Home Sweet Trailer

May: The Mountain GoatsJoined the Band Wagon

June: This Is My June UpdateTwo to One to Twelve

July: On the 212th Day of the Year & When I'm Not Blogging I'm Writing a Letter

August: Blueberries with Sarah & Hey. We're In Alaska

September: Pie Walk

October: A Letter About My Grandma & Tattoo #1 :: Bear & Everything Seems Closer With a Bike

November: And They Pay Me to Do This & iammägi & Ka-Chunk :: Ka-Chunk

December: Nine Months: Haines in Winter & Christmas Eve Night & Day

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