Photographs by Drew Tronvig, Phoenix, Brandon Martin-Anderson, and Bradly Schlenker

I am Mägi.

I tend to 'splain myself by experiences and passions but am learning not to define myself by them.
The adjectives I aspire to are zealous and resplendent.

The problem with the "about me"portion of this blog, as a means of representing myself, is that I'm rather consistently in a state of transition - growing, developing, learning, moving...

Perhaps that tells you enough about me.

I'm keen on wandering, playing the cello, dancing (blues, contra, waltz, square dancing, clogging, fusion), loving, tea, experiences without deadlines, working with people living with developmental disabilities, ignoring dollars, documenting life, photography, barefeet, late night tea parties, Hohner instruments, bicycles, Volkswagens, languages (German, Italian, French, Spanish, Gaelic, Russian, Ukrainian, Swiss-German), traveling solo, honesty, and open communication.

I still consider myself a Margaret.


  1. Maggie! You seem to have disappeared from Facebook, but I wanted to say Happy Birthday.
    So here I am.

  2. Magi, I miss you something terrible and am getting ready to move down to California at the end of the month. I would like to see you before I go. Is there a time in the next week or two that I could come see you on Lopez?



Your words make me grin.

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