Music History

Musical performance isn't quite what I do but it does seem to enter into my life on the occasion. I decided to scribble it out here.

1994 - Church Performance

When I was about three years old, I was invited to sing a song, accompanied by Mom on the piano, for the preschool Christmas celebration. Generally, shot folks would say a quick poem. I felt pretty dandy that they asked me to sing.

I sang, "Let the Sunshine In."
It was flat at times.
Don't let the devil in your womb!

This is where I got comfortable singing in front of folks.

1995 - Wrote My First Song

Age four.
It was about Jesus. Bam.

"Sing 'la la la la la la la,"
sing 'la la la la la' DO IT!
Sing it with me once.
Sing it with me twice."

Here's  15 year old me lipsynching to 4 year old me.

1997 - Jim Valley and the Rainbow Review

Jim Valley of Paul Revere and the Raiders started up a rad band infused with tie-dye and rainbows. He asked a woman at my school if she knew any spunky kids to join in a group that sang with him at times, "The Rainbow Rockers." Voila!

My favourite performances were at the Point Defiance Zoo.

After a year or two of that, he asked me to do some performances with just him and we would travel to various places in Washington and sing.

1999 - Began to Learn the Cello

In 4th grade, I was given the opportunity to play the cello. I still play. I had private lessons for about a month or two in junior high, but nothing more. Grateful I stuck with it.

2001 - Square Dance Calling in the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival

After three years of competing at PNTSDF, I entered the competition as a caller and would continue to compete for the next seven years. I was ten when I started to call. I was known in the community as, "The Red Headed Fireball Who Calls," and liked to end songs on my knees with my hands in the air.

This video was really from 2002 singing "Candyman."

This video is from 2004. I was a junior calling for a novice square. The first is the singing call ("Garden Party") and the second is patter.

We were judged on timing, enunciation, clarity, pitch, and personality.

2002 - Recorded on an Album

Jim Valley was recording a new CD and asked me and another gal to come to the studio to do some background vocals.

I was a pretty stoked 11 year old. I got to skip school and was paid.

2003 - Vocal Talent for Radio Commercial

I've got a young sounding voice but was able to enunciate. They wanted me for a few commercials. It was  amusing to turn on the radio and hear my voice.

2005/6 - Bopsta

International online lip-syncing competition community. Most of them looked something like this:

2007 - Orchestervereins Sarnen, Switzerland

Honoured to get to play with the 77 year old orchestra.

2008 - Jungmusik Giswil-Lungern, Switzerland

I was determined to a member, even though I didn't play a "band" instrument. Sometimes they let me direct or play percussion. In performance, I would play the cello next to the tuba.

2009 - Won Senior Calling Division of the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival

This was huge.

2009 - Background cello for a Bad Timing track

2010 - Joined Seirm

We played and sang traditional Gaelic songs and tunes.
This group is awesome.

Not just a music group but a community that embraces Scottish culture. Normally played cello but I got to lead vocals in this tune.

2011 - Brittanica Gun

2012 - Bonfire at Home

2012 - Puppet Band for Geppetto's Junkyard in Haines, AK

2013 - кип'яток (keep-yah-tawk)

I met Ukrainian twins Mario & Igor in the woods in Uzhgorod. We made music.

2013 - Busking in Eastern Europe

2014 - Begin Teaching

I have had the honour of teaching a few cello students -- one who was 100% new to making music. What a joy it is to see them improve each week!

And mixed in there is a whole lot of side concerts, mini-performances, and jam sessions.

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